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Posted 2/1/2022

Doing things today that do not compromise the ability of others to do similar in the future. Let’s apply this to procurement.

Sustainability criteria are deservedly

being incorporated into proposal evaluations. Most often sustainability criteria emphasize environmental factors. There is more to sustainability that could be evaluated, consider:

Human potential: Does the proponent offer training and development to employees? Is the workplace healthy and safe? Are workers paid a fair wage?

Sustainable social value: Does the proponent practice diversity in its hiring practices? Does the proponent hire employability barriered persons? Does the proponent contract with social enterprises? What can the proponent offer the local community through the performance of the work?

Economic Sustainability: Does the proponent have the human and financial resources to sustain itself? Does the proposed contract offer fair value to all parties and stakeholders?

Environmental Sustainability: Does the proponent operate in a manner that does not harm the environment? How does the proponent mitigate damage to or better yet improve the environment through its operations? What innovative practices can the proponent offer that sustains our environment?

Now let’s discuss your organization and yourself:

What value does your organization place on sustainable operations? Do the policies and practices support sustainability? Does your organization support you by providing access to training, development, and mentorship?

Take care of yourself so you can take care of others.

Sustainability is more than a clause in an RFx. Sustainability is the integration of many factors and practices that in the doing does not compromise future options and practice. It is a way of life for now and for the future.

The art of procurement is the blending of these factors in a manner that integrates organizational strategies with the project at hand. I can assist.