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Writing Requests to Supply

There is much more to drafting a supply request than attaching a list of specifications to legal "boiler plate" conditions. I collaborate with your team to determine firstly if a supply request is required and if so what type of request is most appropriate to your needs and the marketplace environment. I will add value to your purchase through application of knowledge and experience. I can anticipate possible risk situations and mitigate any impact they may have through careful request drafting and attention to your business.

Evaluating Responses to Requests

This must be done fairly, ethically and according to the request document issued. I can provide you with an evaluation tool to evaluate responses to supply requests that I have written. I also facilitate the evaluation committee's process to enable you to determine the best qualified supplier. The use of a well constructed evaluation tool will save valuable staff time, demonstrate transparency of the purchase process and provide you with the information you require to provide a debriefing to respondents not contracted with.

Fairness and Process Advice

Engagement of an independent procurement process monitor provides assurance to proponents that the procurement will be conducted to the highest ethical standards of transparency and fairness. Value is added by bringing the best qualified suppliers to the procurement as well as professional guidance to the procurement team.

Quality Assurance

As a sole proprietorship you will deal directly with myself at all times. I will consult and collaborate closely with you throughout the project. Your complete satisfaction with my service is my assurance and professional requirement. I may follow up post project with my clients to ensure that my services met or exceeded the client's expectations. Should any issues arise I will address them to the client's complete satisfaction.