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How to Attract the Best Proposals

Posted 2/1/2022

Top-level suppliers and contractors can choose their projects. They are busy therefore they will consider three factors before drafting

a proposal to supply goods and / or services:

  •        How the project fits with their business plan.
  •        Capacity.
  •        The buying organization’s reputation.

This edition of BVP focuses on the third bullet, a factor that is controllable by the Buyer. Top level suppliers know their marketplace intimately. They understand procurement and how to draft quality proposals. They will only consider responding to a supply request from organizations that employ transparency and integrity in procurement.

It is in the buyer’s best interest to attract the very best suppliers in any marketplace. Consider if:

  •        The buyer’s procurement policy and procedures are available to the public and mandate integrity
  •        The procurement request conforms to policy and procedure as well as applicable trade agreements and best practice
  •        The request documents disclose all relevant factors and any questions answered are available to all potential respondents
  •        Evaluation criteria are clearly stated with the weighting applied to each
  •        The evaluation process is fair and reconciled to the criteria disclosed
  •        Reasoning of evaluation of each criterion is recorded
  •        Records, notes, and any relevant documentation of the procurement is retained
  •        Post close notices to respondents inform who the selected supplier is
  •        De-briefing requests are welcomed and professionally provided

Buyers with poor procurement reputations are likely paying more for mediocre service. Top tier suppliers are efficient and will provide best value. Why settle for less than the best?