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Construction Procurements

Posted 10/12/2021

Big money, complex projects, what could go wrong?

Plenty, the legal landscape is littered with examples. Let’s take a brief look at the foundation upon which to build successful construction procurements:

  • Allow time to plan, lots of time, there are many stakeholders, and their interests all need consideration. Consult widely
  • Get expertise early, a good project manager is a valuable resource
  • Know that you have a realistic budget that addresses everything from concept to completion and beyond
  • The construction industry is your friend. They can and will offer advice, ask
  • There are several methods to procure construction services. Choose the one that best fits your project: plan, consult, budget
  • Fairness and transparency are paramount. Consider retaining an independent fairness / process advisor early in the process






In summary, prepare a strategy and assemble a team to execute that strategy.