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Vendor Relationships

Posted 2/13/2021

Back in the day supplier “reps” would drop by my office and we would chat about things including various little contract issues to be resolved by them or me. Often, I would get 

information about a new product or marketplace developments of shared interest. Similarly, I would inform the supplier about a product solution we were interested in to see if they could be of assistance. We built trusting relationships based on personal contact over time and experience.

Miss that contact.

Some things, however, do not change: the following two paragraphs are from an edition of BVP I wrote in June of 2016:

We can enhance our relationships with our business community through respect and reliability. By doing what we say we will do and always making the effort to understand the situation of others we will enhance our relationships.

This is important to our personal and organizational reputations in the marketplace. When bad things happen, a weather event, accident, or system failures it will be the people with whom we have a business relationship that we will rely upon to get past the event and back to normal. In times of crises, we must priorize what needs to be done to get the goods moving and acquire critical materials and services. It will be those with whom we have enhanced relationships that get top priority.

I hope this is working well for you in 2020 and that we get past this “bad thing” successfully in 2021.