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High Functioning Procurement - A Checklist

Posted 2/13/2021

High functioning procurement is prepared to support operations both in times of crisis and routine requirements. Attributes of organizations with high function procurement include:

  •  The procurement function is proactive.
  • The procurement policy and procedures are reviewed on a scheduled basis to ensure conformance with organizational goals, legalities, leading, and best practices as they may evolve internally and externally to the organization.
  • Exceptional procurements are documented, reported, and justified.
  • Persons with procurement responsibilities are trained and knowledgeable of organizational policy, procedures, legal, and ethical processes.
  • Procurement performance is measured, tracked, and adjusted for continuous improvement.
  • Procurement metrics are reconciled to organizational goals and objectives.
  • The buying organization has a supplier performance assessment program.
  • Buyer – Supplier performance assessment is a collaborative process.
  • Performance metrics are targeted, understandable, and shared.
  • Procurement tools and associated forms are reviewed in conjunction with reviews of procurement policies and procedures.
  • Procurement supports operational efficiencies and accountabilities.
  • Procurement supports community resilience to catastrophic events.

This is a high-level list. For a deeper dive please refer to the Auditor General for Local Government’s perspective series of reports, which I acknowledge as a contributor to the information contained here.

I shall be pleased to discuss any of these issues with you without obligation.