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Strategic Alignments

Posted 6/23/2020

We can create stronger business relationships with organizations that demonstrate a sharing of at least some of the values and goals possessed by our organizations. 

For those of us involved with procurement for the public sector, we need to ensure that our work aligns with the values of our constituent communities. In many cases this is articulated as building stronger communities. But what does this mean in practicality?

In my view, a strong community values social and economic diversity, encourages healthy activities, and supports one another especially when times get “tough”. By constituent community I mean municipal, provincial, and federal communities.

Public sector procurement can take leadership action to diversify the economy of its constituent communities by creating strategic alignments with suppliers that share the values that create stronger communities. Those actions will serve to build community resilience to “tough” times. So, what to do now?

  • ·        Re-examine your operational policies and procedures to ensure they align with organizational values.
  • ·        Ensure that all sectors of the organization are aligned with and supportive of these values.
  • ·        Utilize standardized procurement tools and processes to create organizational efficiencies and create better value procurements.
  • ·        Reach out to your constituent community to find and develop suppliers that demonstrate strong community values.

This current tough time has created an opportunity for procurement to commence building community resilience to future incidents that will happen. I’ve been working with an associated colleague to assist organizations to use procurement to build stronger communities, contact me to discuss without obligation.