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Implementing Social Procurement Objectives

Posted 1/10/2020

Let’s start the New Year with a resolution to include community social, economic and sustainability objectives in our procurement activities. Implementation of social objectives in procurement should be done in a carefully considered manner. The following are suggested steps to achieving success.

  • Organizational Mandate: Social Procurement goals should be addressed in the organization’s policies and strategic planning with implementation delegated to Purchasing.
  • Get Training: resources are available, see below
  • Procurement Planning: start small and research the best services that could benefit from inclusion of Social Procurement criteria.
  • Involve the Marketplace: consider sharing your intentions with the industries that you intend to solicit services from. Do a market sounding and host a “lunch and learn” to share intentions and receive valuable feedback from potential contractors. Seek out and involve any social enterprises that may be active in your area.
  • Start Small and Learn: include social procurement criteria in projects most likely to offer community social, economic and sustainable benefits.
  • Develop Sustainable Vendor Relationships: ensure your contract management processes incorporate learning for all parties.


Coastal Communities Social Procurement Initiative:

Buy Social Canada:


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