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10 Attributes of Successful Procurement

Posted 6/6/2017

Better Value Procurements

But First – Are you ready for the Canada Free Trade and Canada-European Free Trade agreements which come into effect on July 1?

We strongly advise that you review your Procurement policies and procedures for conformance to these agreements. If you use procurement document templates, these too will need review for conformance to the free trade agreements.

Now to the subject at hand:

10 attributes of successful procurement, in no particular order:

  1. Your client/department gets the best available value;
  2. The contracted vendor is proactive with continuous improvement;
  3. The not contracted vendors are satisfied the procurement was fair and the outcome transparent and willing to respond the next time;
  4. Vendor performance is measured and shared with the vendor;
  5. Your organization is recognized for fair dealing by the marketplace and thereby attracts the best vendors to bid;
  6. Procurement practices continuous improvement - policy and procedures are reviewed on a defined schedule;
  7. Your client/department involves procurement early in the cycle;
  8. Procurement advances the organization’s strategies;
  9. The organization enables and encourages continuous learning concerning all things procurement;
  10. All procurement staff have high job satisfaction;
  11. Procurement adds additional value – always;-)

Please note: Nothing in this message is intended to convey legal advice.