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Procurement Values

Posted 4/28/2020

I continue to have the pleasure of working with esteemed colleague, Larry Berglund, assisting clients with procurement policy, procedures, operations and document template reviews.

We do this in the context of evolving case law, organizational priorities, and situational challenges. Our goal in the performance of this work is to enable efficiencies with procurement operations across the organization. In short, strengthen the values received through procurement strategies and practices.

Why do this and why now?

The current pandemic has shone a bright light on supply chain management, and it is supply chain processes that will lead the “re-start” of our economy. It is imperative that all levels of government ensure that the maximum benefits accrue to their respective constituencies. A comprehensive review of procurement operations will serve to deliver those benefits in a responsible manner. Organizations with de-centralized procurement will benefit from consistency with standard processes and documentation. Organizations with centralized procurement will respond faster and better to internal clients.

Things we address in procurement policy and documentation review:

  • Domestic and international trade agreement obligations.
  • Risk management and security of supply.
  • Social outcomes such as employment training, promotion of workplace diversity, supporting small, medium companies and social enterprises to build stronger communities.
  • Procurement staff competencies to support organizational goals.
  • P-card polices and procedures.
  • Supplier performance evaluations.
  • Codes of ethics.
  • Competitive bid templates current with case law.
  • Enhance the relationship between local governments and the local “main street” economy.

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Stay safe all, be kind