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Plan to Succeed

Posted 5/31/2022

The procurement and economic landscape continue to undergo rapid change. Skilled workforce and materials shortages due to the pandemic and other reasons interrupt supply chains and 

inflate the cost of essential commodities. Social inequities divide us. The attack on Ukraine sadly is compounding these challenges. Procurement recognizes these macro economic impacts and to succeed must adjust its micro economic practices. In short, procurement must be proactive.

All organizations should have procurement represented at the strategic planning table. Procurement can commence early planning to obtain the services and materials required for coming projects before the requisition lands. Superior relationship and negotiation skills are necessary.

Unrealistic deadlines for supply result in lost value to the organization. Procurement could:

  • ·        Review delivery times for key materials and services
  • ·        Establish alternate supply contracts for commodities
  • ·        Review system contracts to negotiate priority service
  • ·        Enhance supplier relationships through frequent contact and prompt payment
  • ·        Know your marketplace and understand supplier constraints
  • ·        Develop local and regional supply relationships
  • ·        Ensure your client departments such as IT and Facilities understand the necessity for realistic lead time for procurements. Involve them in your procurement planning
  • ·        Look after yourself – attend education and networking opportunities.

Plan to succeed in all you do.